Baby Crisps

Baby Crisps

Fudex’ mission regarding baby food is to offer the best dietary products through healthy and delicious recipes.

Fudex healthy snacks for children provide the right amount of nutrition that may be missing during regular meals. Combining organic flavours such as banana, apple, blueberry, with their healthy value encourage the self-feeding of the child.

All vegetable and fruit-flavoured recipes featured in the Fudex Baby Crisps’ range are made with certified cereal flours, making these healthy snacks suitable for every moment of the day.

Our products have high nutritional values and do not contain yeast or salt, and have no added sugar or fat.


  • Bluebery
  • Pumpkin and Banana
  • Fig and Mango
  • Purple carrot, beetroot
  • Spinach, cabbage, apple
  • Yeast Free, Gluten Free, No added Salt
  • Customized recipes available


  • Customized solutions available


We are certified by the Italian Ministry of Health and we are also BRC, ISO14001, KOSHER and IFS certified. Read more...

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