Breakfast Cereals

The breakfast cereals come in various flavour and have some significant features compared to more traditional breakfast cereals: they are produced without yeast and added fats, are organic and have lots of nutritional value. Crunchy and tasty, these cereals are particularly tasty if eaten with milk or in yoghurt or covered in honey or spreadable creams. They come in various shapes, (curls, balls, rings, number, etc) and are the ideal solution for a healthy and balanced breakfast.


  • Multigrain
  • 100% rice
  • Rice & Corn
  • Rice & Buckwheat
  • Corn and buckwheat
  • Fruit and veggies recipes available
  • Spices addition available
  • Gluten-free recipes available
  • Organic recipes available
  • Low sodium recipes available
  • Customized recipes available

Retail Packaging

  • 75 g bag
  • 100 g bag
  • 150 g bag
  • 250 g bag

Outer Case

  • Customized solutions available