Cooking Extrusion Line

With thirty years experience in the production of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, Fudex, the sector’s leader in Italy, is one of the world’s few manufacturers of complete extrusion plants for cooking cereal flours.

Our mission is to propose and develop new extruded food products and, therefore, renew and integrate the plants and technology used to produce them.

We don’t just supply the machinery necessary for the range of products chosen by the customer. We are also able to give our highly qualified co-operation in all areas concerning ingredients, recipes, packaging and marketing.

All this is possible because, for more than ten years, Fudex has used its own machines to produce, in the Turin factory and for outside firms, a wide range of extruded foods available on the market which are a continuous indicator and stimulator of the quality of our technology.

The only thing that separates you and projects you wish to accomplish is Fudex; the gate to the world of food cereals using twin-screw extrusion technology.

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